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Fall Newsletter

First and foremost I just want to extend a big thank you to everyone for another great year here at Wine Valley Golf Club. Mother Nature was very nice to us this year with a very mild winter and very few of the scorching hot days we can get in the summer. Tyler and his crew did a wonderful job keeping the course in outstanding condition throughout the entire year.

We have had a busy season of tournament golf and I appreciate you working around all of our events. On that note please join us for our final event of the season on October 22nd . It will be a 2 best balls of 4 players with a twist, Poison Ball. Each group will be given a Poison ball and that ball will count as one of the two best balls and will be rotated through the group. So on the first hole player one will have the poison ball so their score plus the best score of the other three players will be the team score. On the second hole player number 2 will play the poison and that will continue through the round. In order for the team to win it must also return the poison ball at the end of the round, so you cannot lose thepoison ball. Your entry will include golf, cart, prizes and dinner after the round. Terry is promising something very special off the smoker. You can make your own oursome or call the golf shop and we will try to pair you with some other players.

I know a lot of you are starting to think about hunting, fishing, skiing and college and pro football but there is still a lot of great golf left so don’t put those clubs away yet. Hope to see you soon.

John Thorsnes

PGA Director of Golf